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Scratch Wireless: The end of voice plans

Carriers all over the world are trying to make you to buy bigger and expensive voice plans, trying to convince you that you really need all those minutes. You might end up paying 50-100$ monthly for a service where you only use 5%. With the rise of smartphones and the spread of wireless you can do whatever you want on your phone from wifi, rarely using carrier data or voice. Scratch Wireless is a start-up that let you make the calls over the internet ( trough wifi ) without using any voice plan and without any charges.


How is this possible ?

Whenever you are connected to a wireless network, all the calls you make are going over the internet ( instead your voice plan ), and no charges may occur. When I first read about this thought that this might be one of those software that requires the people I want to call to have the same app installed so I can call him. But it is not like that. With Scratch Wireless phone you can call any US number without any charges and no plan.

Today, most people have a wireless connection at home, one at work, at the coffee shop, restaurant, hotel. Wireless is present almost everywhere. In most countries, wireless is offered for free in malls or markets. Why do you have to pay for voice plan when you have wireless everywhere ? On average, Scratch Wireless users are connected to a wireless network 84% of time. I live in a small city, but our local Internet Service Provider gives free wireless to the center of the city and main areas.

If you find yourself in a place without wireless connection and you really have to make a call, then you can use a $1.99 day pass for up to 30 minutes of calls, or a $14.99 monthly pass for up to 250 minutes if you are finding in non-wifi areas on a regular basis. There is no contract involved and the payment is not recurring. After your buy your Scratch Wireless Phone for 269$, you won’t have to pay for anything. The phone you receive is a modified Motorola Photon Q with 4.3 inch display and touch screen. 8 MP camera and Android Jelly Bean. The phone also have a physical sliding qwerty keyboard.


When you get the phone, you will receive an US phone number where people can call you back with no charges. When you are making calls, this number will appear on the recipient phone. Like any normal cell phone but without charges. 66% of Scratch Wireless users never paid a penny for voice or text service. More, text is always free. Even if you are outside wireless network you don’t have to pay. If there is something urgent you can send a free text ( you will get unlimited free texts ).

If you are outside US and you are an web entrepreneur like me you should know the importance of being in tough with your customers. Having them to call an International number won’t make it. Scratch Wireless will give you an US number free of charge where your customers can contact you with no extra charges. Also, Scratch Wireless is perfect for parents. If you are a parent and want to give your kid a phone you should worry about extra charges you might incur if he overuse the phone. If you give him a scratch phone then no charges will apply, he can call you from any wifi zone ( they have it in most schools ), he can text you and you can call him whenever you want.


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