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HP VoiceTab Goes Official

If you remember ( if not just click here to refresh your memory ), I mentioned some time ago that HP was considering getting in on the phablet game, and they were hinting at some very promising devices. Well, recently they just made it official: the company has just announced its two new products. However, not both of them are tablet/phone hybrids, but rather just one of them is a hybrid and the other one is a full-fledged 7 inch tablet capable of voice-communication.

So we have confirmation about two products on their way: the Slate 6 VoiceTab which is their latest Android phablet and the Slate 7 VoiceTab which is their latest voice-capable tablet. According to HTC, both of these devices are equipped with a Quad-Core processor and both of them let you Multitask with ease without sacrificing performance in the process. Also, according to their names, each of them is set to come out with a 6 and 7 inch display, respectively.

There are previous rumors hinting at the price. The cheapest product of these two seems to be the 7-inch model, as this one is said to be accompanied by a 200 dollar price-tag. The 6-inch phablet, on the other hand, is priced under 250 dollars, but no solid evidence was presented. Even so, such a small price for a phablet is rare indeed.

As for the release date, there’s nothing really certain set right now, but some solid rumors pointing at some pretty reliable info that both of these device, the Slate 6 and Slate 7, will go on sale in India by next month.  As for any other details, only time will tell.

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