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Motorola Moto G – Great Sale NOW

The Motorola Moto G has been quite an interesting device up until now ( it still is, to be honest ). This phone was so great mostly due to its pricing as it offered a decent amount of strength for a relatively low price. Hell, I’ve yet to meet a phone that got KitKat and costed less than 300 dollars – that was until I met the Moto G.

Motorola offered a few neat sales for this phone in the past and they announced it during the periods in which everyone was interested in technology: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Recently, the Motorola Moto G quietly entered the Google Play Store and is on sale now in the United States for a great price: you can get this awesome smartphone with a decent hardware spec for the mere price of 179 dollars for the 8 GB version and for 199 dollars for the 16 GB version.

This Google Play version of the ¬†Motorola Moto G is compatible with HPSA+ bands of AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. LTE connectivity isn’t available for this device, though its presence should hardly constitute a deal-breaker – especially considering the price-range of this device.

Hardware-wise, there is no difference between the specs of the Google Play Edition Moto G and the regular Moto G. They both have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC, a 4.5 inch screen with a 720p resolution, a 5 MP camera and a 2070 mAh battery. As of yet there’s no real talk about global availability of this device, but considering its price range and the fact that it will spread and popular demand will increase, there’s a pretty good shot that we’ll be able to get this globally as well.

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