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Preserve the Life of your Phone battery

If you own a mobile phone then you’ve probably been in a situation where your mobile phone dies from a lack of battery charge. This can be rather frustrating – especially if you are in a place where you are unable to charge your battery. There are some measures you can take when using your mobile device that can help preserve your battery power.

The method of notification for phone calls can use a significant amount of battery power. This is mainly true for when you set your mobile phone to vibrate. Vibrating will use more power than just having the phone ring. An even larger battery drain is when your phone is set to both vibrate and ring. If you are using this setting, go for the ring-only option as it will use less battery power. 

Another serious battery drain is when you are using multiple apps at one time. Maybe times even though you are not sing a particular app, you didn’t close it when you finished. Therefore, it is running in the background sucking power from your battery.

Many apps issue what are known as push notifications. These messages instantly tell you if you have new messages, tweets, etc. While they might be helpful, they do use a significant amount of your battery’s power. See if you wait and just check your information manually. If so, then turning off push notifications would be a good move towards your goal of battery preservation.

In order to make your battery last longer, do not allow it to die between charging. It is best to charge your phone more frequently. By charging it more often for shorter time frames, you are actually increasing the life of the lithium-ion battery used in the phone. Always charge your phone before it dies.

If you’re in the hunt for a new phone and good battery life is a necessity, it may be smart to read through some mobile phone reviews beforehand to make sure you are buying the model to suit your needs.

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