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Android 3.0 to come in October

Android is moving fast, the version 3.0 is rumored to be launched this autumn. Usually when a software change the prefix it should be a major update, but lately, software developers change the prefix often so that their visitors will think it is much improved.

What Android 3.0 comes with ? There will be some minimum hardware that is supported, so that we will be assured it won’t run on crappy devices. Preparations for porting it on tablets, they prepare to support higher screen resolutions and user interface improvements.

Bad news for current android users, mostly on low-cost devices. There will be a split between versions, Android 2.2 designed to run on low-end devices and Android 3.0 designed for high-end devices with top performance.

It is also true that Android is preparing his move to tablets. Most top hardware developers announced their intentions or plans to build a tablet, so android make the next step to prepare itself for the new era of personal computing.

The new user interface ? Probably this is the most important thing and can make us think that the rest are only details. But as you know, the details makes a good user interface.

Will Android leave behind the minimalist design and take a new approach to the user interface ?

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