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Team Viewer MOBILE

On many occasions my PC has encountered a problem I could not fix myself OR the PC of a friend encountered that same problem and he needed my assistance. In both of those cases, outside help was required. Windows happens to have a REMOTE ASSISTANCE option but it happens to be quite complicated and clunky at best. So, we used ... Read More »

Website Shortcuts

Most Android Phones already come with built in shortcuts to websites such as YouTube, Yahoo, FaceBook or other similar websites. Well as time passes, more and more websites create such apps that allow you to view that certain website with its classic design or with the design offered by that certain app. In my opinion this is quite advantageous to ... Read More »

Droid Proxy

There are so many websites out there that make a habit of blocking other countries. Websites like VEVO or others similar to that. Usually really good video websites. They claim they don’t get enough “traffic” from that country and so they close the connection. Yeah … really smart move. You don’t get enough traffic so you close it and then ... Read More »

Devil Ninja

Devil Ninja 1 and 2 These two games are really fun. A great hack’n’slash for the Android Phone. Typical Hack’n’Slash : you run, you kill, you jump, you throw ninja stars. I can vouch that this game is a great time killer and it’s really fun. You can get both of these games for free from the Android Market Official ... Read More »

Skype for Android

Now we all know about or have used Skype at least once in our lifetime. It is a program great for long distance calls or video calls, either from PC to PC or from PC to Phone. Works either way. The beautiful thing about this program is the fact that you can be logged on to the same account from ... Read More »

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