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Samsung Galaxy Note

The Koreans at SAMSUNG outdid themselves this time. The SAMSUNG Galaxy Note promises to be something Grand and Revolutionary. Only time will tell if those promises were made in vain or not. This NEW Android Phone prides itself on its 5.3″ screen and its large variety of achievable tasks. Basically : it is the love-child of a Tab and a ... Read More »

Death Worm for Android

Presenting this free Android game. Death Worm is a newer cooler version of the old hit game Death Worm. You play as a monster doing its best to survive in our harsh new world were the only law that exists is KILL OR BE KILLED ( as far as this game lets you know ). Now I myself count myself ... Read More »

DEAD HP Tablet : REVIVED !!!

For a “dead” gadget, the HP TouchPad keeps showing remarkable signs of life. Nearly two weeks after Hewlett-Packard announced that it was discontinuing mobile devices and dramatically slashed the price of the TouchPad, customers are hunting them with renewed zeal. The tablet has sold out, according to the company. Meanwhile, HP is considering making more of the devices — and ... Read More »

REJOICE !!! New Android Market (video)

The Android Market has gotten an upgrade. The app that gets you more apps, the one we all know and love, is now BETTER. The Android Developers have been working hard day and night to bring YOU this extraordinary program. This new version of the Android Market runs smoother and better than its previous counterparts and grants you more options ... Read More »

Xperia, the first to run MINECRAFT !!! (video)

I think everyone here is familiar with the game MINECRAFT. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the short version : Minecraft is a game in which you play as a human that wakes up on an island. You must use all your skills and abilities to create a “civilized” life for yourself by building different objects from ... Read More »

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