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HTC Releases the highest processor to date

Now HTC has easily been clinging to the tops and managing to dominate the rankings. So to ease the tension, they have announced the HTC Sensation XE. Now what this little baby does is it incorporates all of the good qualities of HTC into one mean little package that packs quite a hefty punch. The HTC Sensation XE is based on the ... Read More »

An unofficially released official Android OS update

With all the new phones coming out, you’d think Galaxy S is kind of “yesterday’s news”. Well if you think like that, you’re wrong. Apparently, a newer version of the Android OS for the Galaxy S has been released. This is a clear sign that the Koreans at SAMSUNG have not forgotten about their previous anchor head. This NEW version ... Read More »

Android Jelly Bean

Since we heard about the newest upcoming Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, we didn’t really believe there would be another one coming out before its release. Yet it will be another one. Presenting to you, Android Jelly Bean. Now the name should actually surprise anyone considering that Google has a tradition of naming each and every android system after a ... Read More »

Modern Warfare Indeed …

Apple has done it again. It has sued Samsung AGAIN. In a desperate act to survive it had demanded that the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 be removed from the market in Japan. As if that wasn’t enough, they had the nerve of demanding 1 million yen, or, the equivalent of 1.3 million dollars. Now ... Read More »

ASUS Transformer

In order to keep up, ASUS has taken a leap of faith with this new product, the ASUS Transformer. Most people said that tablets were for those people who couldn’t decide between a laptop and an android phone. This product is that exact thing. The tablet itself kind of represents the upper half of the laptop, the one with the ... Read More »

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