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HTC Explorer… Coming Soon

HTC is to release a new little experiment into today’s market. Now what makes this little piece of tech more special than the others, you might ask. You shall see. It is called HTC Explorer now although it was originally known as HTC Pico. It will be a mid-range smartphone and will most probably slide just above the HTC Wildfire S ... Read More »

LG Optimus LU2300 Q2

LG has announced another Android based Optimus smartphone. The Optimus LU2300 Q2, as it is called, has a full QWERTY sliding keypad below the display. Now this little marvel of technology was originally supposed to be called the LG Optimus Note, however, Samsung managed to get their hands on the Note series before LG with their Galaxy Note. Other features include ... Read More »

Quad cores for Androids

Now it is to nobody’s surprise that the Android Phones would go to the Quad Cores soon. It was kind of expected ever since we’ve seen that the Dual Core was possible. What amazes us is the fact that it can go even further. Qualcomm have released their road map for their future endeavors, thus revealing a sneak peek into ... Read More »

Phone Story

Well news if flying by my ears that Apple has banned this from their App Store, and I happened to notice it still exists in the Android Market. This nifty little game is referring strictly to the production of the iPhone … with illegally gained materials. Now I’m not saying anything against it, cause odds are, it may be true. ... Read More »

Google is to aid Intel in their struggle

By the end of 2012 Intel chips will be found on SmartPhones as well. Now being the largest and proudest of the PC processor producers, that’s not a hard feat for them. However some problems have been found anyway. So who better suited to lend them a hand ? Why the best operating system for smartphones of course. Google has ... Read More »

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