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SpeeDx 3D

As a proof oh how much Android games have evolved over the ages, I now give to you SpeeDx 3D. This cool new game is a simple “racing” game as you go down a tunnel and obstacles keep showing up and you are scored for how long you go without crashing. This game also has a special option installed. You ... Read More »

Useful Widgets. A Brief Look into Today’s Market

Make your Clock PRO (Beta) Tired of your clock ? Want to fully cutomize the desktop of your beloved android phone ? Make your Clock PRO is a nifty little widget that can be bought from the Android Market and it allows you to fully customize the desktop of you Android Phone. From the Clock, to a thermometer, to a ... Read More »

Useful Apps. A Brief Look into Today’s Market

TubeMate Have you ever had a song you just couldn’t get out of your head and felt that your life wasn’t going to be complete unless you had that song on your Computer/MP3/Phone ? Sure, on the PC that problem is easily solved since there are so many free YouTube Downloading and video format converting programs out there. However, most ... Read More »

Android Phone Security. Myth or Legend ?

2011. Almost every phone released nowadays runs a version of the Android OS and their configuration is starting to equal or be better than most of  last year’s laptops. More programs that were previously only for the PC are now Mobile and this new “trend” is only at its early stages. Among all the programs and applications released for the ... Read More »

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