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Android Phone Security. Myth or Legend ?

2011. Almost every phone released nowadays runs a version of the Android OS and their configuration is starting to equal or be better than most of  last year’s laptops. More programs that were previously only for the PC are now Mobile and this new “trend” is only at its early stages.

Among all the programs and applications released for the wonderful Android Phones we all come to love and trust are some hateful and untrustworthy ones that would love nothing more than to destroy everything you hold dear ( or just all the contents of the phones memory ).

Now sure, there are all of thees Anti-Virus Apps or Programs for the Droids, but how “safe” are they really ? Life has thought us that absolutely every program has loopholes and is vulnerable to outside attacks. Thees programs we think keep our beloved Droids secure can and might be the ones that actually do the job and deliver the final blow to their fragile little processors.

In today’s market, can we really keep our technology safe ? The answer : NO, WE CAN’T. Nothing is truly safe and nothing is actually worthy of trusting your phone’s life with. If you MUST download an app, check to see if it is at least made by an authorized producer. It’s the least you could do. Most of the “bad apps” can be spotted quite easily because they tend to stand out. For example : they are made by somebody you never heard about, or have negative ratings or things like that.

However, don’t think I’m endorsing the creations of the “BIG CORPORATIONS”. Those aren’t safe either. A skilled hacker can find a loophole into everything.

Still … our daily routine demands we take a risk and go for it.

So in conclusion, we risk something in everything we do.

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He is a technology enthusiast and experienced writer.

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