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Quad cores for Androids

Now it is to nobody’s surprise that the Android Phones would go to the Quad Cores soon. It was kind of expected ever since we’ve seen that the Dual Core was possible. What amazes us is the fact that it can go even further.

Qualcomm have released their road map for their future endeavors, thus revealing a sneak peek into their “top dog”.

Now what is most surprising is that Adreno will be the one to release this mini monster of a processor.

Now Adreno hasn’t really stood out of the crowd before, so one can only wonder how can they do it now? Well apparently their strongest processor to be released this year or next year will be a Quad Core of 2.5 ghz power.

Not only that but there are rumors that they will release an eight core processor that allocates 4 cores to the CPU and 4 cores to the GPU.

Below you have the road map I was talking about earlier.

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