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There are so many websites out there that make a habit of blocking other countries. Websites like VEVO or others similar to that. Usually really good video websites. They claim they don’t get enough “traffic” from that country and so they close the connection.

Yeah … really smart move. You don’t get enough traffic so you close it and then you get no traffic whatsoever.

Now everybody hates that thing when you can’t access content you desire just because some moron has gone and closed the connection.

Threat not, cause this little app allows you to gain access to that content easily. If you don’t know what a proxy is, here’s the short version : a little something that hides your IP and allows you to visit all sorts of places that have IP restrictions.

Now there are a lot of programs like this out there, however I can’t vouch for all of them. What I can do,however, is offer the one I tried out and saw it worked.

You can get it HERE.

Now the only downfall of such a program is that accessing something through a proxy often takes longer than usual because it is being done through a “middle man”.

All in all, the advantages kind of overcome the disadvantages.




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