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My Lookout

Having an Android Device, you’re tempted to get all the apps and games that you see. That may come with a risk since there might be some apps out there with malicious effects for you hardware/software. That’s where this app comes in for the rescue, it being an Anti-Virus Application for you Android Device. It’s quite a powerful one and ... Read More »

Google Talk

This is a really awesome messenger program from Google. If you’ve tried it on the PC, you will surely enjoy it on your favorite Android device as well. Now this app has two sides, the normal Google Talk messenger and also a special video talk side to the app. Currently they’re both in beta state, but being released by Google ... Read More »


I believe I’ve mentioned this app as comparison base for the many other keyboard apps out there. And why not use it as comparison for the many keyboard apps out there ? It’s obviously one of the best typing apps out there. The major problem with most smartphones is the fact that typing is made difficult in your everyday tasks. ... Read More »

Garmin Alternatives for Android

Garmin is a really popular GPS. Actually, it’s one of the best GPS devices out there. It has some of the most correct maps and navigational charts. The unfortunate disadvantage of Garmin is the fact that it is not available for Android. However, threat not, for I am here to provide you with a few good alternatives. First off, iGO ... Read More »


If you have some information of the iOS apps, you have probably heard of Instagram. If not, let me enlighten you : it’s a really great photography application for the iOS. Meanwhile, it is only available for the iOS but it will soon come out for the Android as well. We know for sure it is in development, but there ... Read More »

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