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My Lookout

Having an Android Device, you’re tempted to get all the apps and games that you see. That may come with a risk since there might be some apps out there with malicious effects for you hardware/software. That’s where this app comes in for the rescue, it being an Anti-Virus Application for you Android Device.

It’s quite a powerful one and has a whole lot of features to boot.

Your phone is your lifeline – it’s your social calendar, address book, photo album, and your digital checkbook. Do more on your phone with confidence, knowing your phone is protected by Lookout.

Keep your phone or tablet safe and secure. Lookout provides the most trusted protection for your most personal device.

Your phone has your most valuable personal information. Back up your information without lifting a finger.

Find your phone almost as quickly as you lost it. Lookout can help you find your lost or stolen phone, restore or wipe your data.

Use the web to manage your phone and backed-up data, and find your phone. Lookout gives you complete control over the air anytime, anywhere.

There aren’t many trustworthy apps out there, but placing your trust into this one would certainly be a good thing to do.

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