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Huawei Vision

  We’ve seen some other products of Huawei the past few days and I think we can all agree that they weren’t all that bad. Some might even be worth their buck. I understand they might be a big hit in Asia, but in Europe and USA they aren’t actually that well known. So that’s why I find the articles ... Read More »

Alcatel OT-908

Alcatel has been a phone that’s been around since the dawn of the mobile phones. This brand is the best example of perseverance and die-hard willpower. But, if memory serves, back then Alcatel wasn’t releasing the best of products and frankly, upon looking at this phone, I kind of realized that the time we live in today is not that ... Read More »

LG Optimus Hub

The Optimus series from LG hasn’t failed to impress yet, and frankly, I somewhat doubt it will soon fail to do that particular thing. The phones look so good and are that good in performance that one can’t help but fall for the whole series upon seeing them. Don’t believe me? Take a look below then. Processor¬†:¬†800 MHz ARM v6 ... Read More »

Steve Jobs has passed away…

One might say : “Yeah he died, so what ? This is an Android site, what the hell is he doing here ?”. I wouldn’t say that. I myself HATE Apple products, but have nothing against the man. Frankly, I consider him a genius and I’m not actually sure how many people could have actually pulled off what he did. ... Read More »

ZTE U900

I can’t really say I’ve heard to much about these ZTE phones. But, then again, I haven’t heard about many things. It always feels like such a good day when you find something new and learn about new things. Today, I learned about these ZTE phones. They don’t actually seem to be that strong though. That is disappointing in a ... Read More »

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