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HTC Flyer Pre-Sale at Best Buy for $499

HTC’s first tablet project is the Flyer, a tablet that works with a capacitive type stylus, so it’s targeted at those interested in a stylus, but not so much at the rest of Android users, considering it doesn’t have the tablet tailored OS that is Honeycomb. Read More »

Google In Talks with Spotify for Android Music Service

Google’s music service was supposed to arrive by the end of last year, but then it was delayed till March, and now it was supposed to be launched soon at Google I/O. But it seems the negotiations with the labels fell apart, and now rumors say even Apple will launch their cloud music service before Google, after Amazon has already ... Read More »

What to Expect from a Samsung Amazon Tablet

We’ve heard about a rumored Amazon tablet for a while now, and to be honest I think everyone expected one, not only after iPad launched, but also after the B&N Nook Color launched. After the success of the Nook Color, I would’ve been surprised if Amazon was *not* working on a tablet with Android. New rumors say that Amazon is ... Read More »

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