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Want a Sub-$100 Cortex A9 Android Tablet? China Has One for You

I’ve said it before that the iPad market will not turn up like the iPod market, but like the smartphone market, where the iPhone also had a huge head start in both number of users, new sales, and apps, but Android being supported by all the other manufacturers in the industry still managed to catch up, and even surpass the ... Read More »

The $400 High-End Android Tablets Are Coming

Acer just announced that it’s going to ship it’s Acer Iconia A500 by the end of the month, a tablet that has pretty much all the high-end features that Xoom has, for only $450. And they are not the only ones. Asus has also announced their Eee Pad Transformer with Tegra 2 and IPS panel to be priced at $400. ... Read More »

Microsoft Is Facing the Classic Innovator’s Dilemma

Microsoft seems to be facing the innovator’s dilemma as its Windows operating system is being disrupted by touch-based mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS, and they have to take a decision on which road they’ll go from here. Will they continue to optimize their old Windows product to try to make it fit in the new world, or ... Read More »

Amazon Beats Google And Apple to Cloud Music

We’ve kept hearing for months that Google will launch a music streaming service, but we’ve also heard about delays upon delays, probably because it takes a long time to sign deals with the labels. It’s true that Amazon’s new Cloud Player seems to be more about uploading your own music into Amazon’s cloud than buying your own music from them. ... Read More »

Why Amazon Will Release an Android-Based Kindle

Latest rumors say that Amazon has some Android developer jobs open, and they are hiring these developers to help them build an Android based Kindle. I don’t think they are hiring these developers specifically to start building an Android Kindle, because I believe they are almost close to release such a Kindle. Read More »

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