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How to download apps from the Android Market

The first thing anyone does once they get their hands on their first Android Smartphone is to log in to get as many apps as possible. While for some it may come natural to go get some stuff, as I mentioned in my other tutorial, there are those around that aren’t quite as naturally endowed with technological skills as most ... Read More »

How to transfer files from an Android Phone to the PC

This tutorial is dedicated towards the people that need help in making something as simple as data transfer between a computer and an Android Device. To those with some degree of IT knowledge it sort of comes natural. But there are plenty of people around who have no experience whatsoever with IT stuff, such as the senior citizens that are ... Read More »

Top 4 Android Browsers

  You’ve probably seen plenty of these TOPS around but this one will hopefully turn different from all of the others ( hopefully ). A top of all the browsers around seems a bit silly seems all of them are pretty similar with little differences between them. That’s the wide misconception, anyway. Still, these mobile browsers are all quite unique, ... Read More »

Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4S

You’ve probably seen such comparisons before, but I hope to make this one different. The reason why I chose these two particular devices is the fact that they are both the latest devices from the two most powerful titans around. We all know how Apple has been fighting Samsung for a while and how Apple used to be the best ... Read More »

Android vs iOS

You’ve probably seen thousands of these “VS” articles already, but I’ll try to make this one a bit more “interesting”. We all know that Android has defeated iOS in every possible situation and that the Android devices managed to overtake the “i” stuff so well that they sent them back into last year – literally : the iPhone 4S for ... Read More »

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