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A Brief History of Android

The Android Operating System – a wonder of technology that managed to grab the world by its throat and surprise everyone with its massive progress in the shortest of time has just turned 6 years old recently. Over its relatively short lifespan it has managed to capture more than 80% of the global-market, leaving both iOS and Windows Phones to ... Read More »

A Few Good-to-Know Commands of Google Now

Android OS v4.4 KitKat has made sure to fully support Google Now and make a great use of it. I can honestly say that it’s better implemented on it than on any other operating system. The list of known commands has grown exponentially as well, especially since KitKat was out. But there are many individuals that don’t know ANY of ... Read More »

Winamp: Discontinued as of 20.12.2013

Here’s a little piece of news I found disheartening. As you can already tell by looking at the title, Winamp, a great program I have been using since I first started using the computer, will no longer be as of December 20, this year. Let us take a moment and remember all the things that made this program great. Firstly, ... Read More »

Need a Phone Case? – Why Not Opt for the Best

Do you not simply hate it that so many phones nowadays come with insufficient protection? Personally, I find this quite disheartening, especially since some of the larger ones are just more predisposed to horrible accidents happening to them. It’s simply physics at work here, and if you really don’t believe me, I’ll go ahead and give you a rather interesting ... Read More »

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