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Winamp: Discontinued as of 20.12.2013

Here’s a little piece of news I found disheartening. As you can already tell by looking at the title, Winamp, a great program I have been using since I first started using the computer, will no longer be as of December 20, this year. Let us take a moment and remember all the things that made this program great. Firstly, I have yet to meet a program that offered nearly as much as this one: free ( until they added a PRO version ) for everybody and with the ability to modify its aspect in all available domains, this program made it possible for all the competitors to spawn infinite replicas of it.

Winamp, in my opinion, shall forever remain one of the greatest programs to grace this earth. And if you think it a jest that I say such a thing, know that I too wish it to be so. However, even their website, winamp.com, says that it will be discontinued. Personally, I blame AOL since this is all their doing, after buying them out they now mean to close them down. One cannot help but think that they are a tad afraid of the competition.

People are torn between opinions of this program. There are those who argue it is behind the times, where as there are their fairer share of people who believe it still is one of the greatest. Also, it’s quite possible that Winamp will be removed from ALL the platforms, not just from PCs. Many Android users that I know of won’t really miss it, however, as the wide majority has taken to using PowerAmp ( but as even its name would suggest, without Winamp it wouldn’t have existed ).

I am truly sorry about AOL’s decision of canceling this program and taking it off the market. You have lived long, prospered and more than served your purpose, Winamp…

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