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3 Reasons vlogging is only going to grow in 2017

Vlogging is a new medium of entertaining and connecting to people on a personal level. Vlogging is also an innovative way of sharing and distributing your ‘online content’. In the past, we’ve entertained ourselves primarily with media like movies or TV series, but now vlogging is completely changing that traditional viewership landscape.

People are not only loving but also engaging with vlogging content. For vloggers it’s the best time to start — as on one side the camera equipment, video editing software, etc. are getting better and cheaper, and on the other side the demand for vlogs is going through the roof. Through the course of 2016, vlogging evolved at a very fast rate and its continuing to grow steadily into 2017.

The main reason for such consistent growth of the vlogging medium is the personal connection people tend to make with the vlogger. For example if I want to learn Spanish, either I can opt for an online Spanish learning course the traditional way or I can learn Spanish from a vlogger. Personally I would go with the second option in a heartbeat as it would be more engaging, interactive and personal for me.

To really lay out exactly why vlogging is growing so quick and at such a mass scale, check out the 3 main reasons below.

Reason #1 – It’s Insanely Popular

Vlogging is insanely popular – both for viewers and actual vlog creators.

The supply and demand for vlogs is increasing day by day based hugely on the fact that people are loving vlogs and are thus completely open to watching both well-established vloggers as well as brand new ones on the scene.

For people starting to vlog, one of the main reasons for this insane popularity is the development in media technology.

YouTube has evolved and became the epicenter for vloggers. As it allows vloggers to upload and host videos for free. Because of this, more and more people are entering the “vlogosphere”.

Video distribution is a daunting task, but thanks to YouTube vloggers don’t have to worry about that. Although you will have to struggle with gaining traction initially – YouTube is really helpful in getting vloggers to just start publishing immediately without any technical expertise needed. For this reason alone, YouTube is definitely of the top reasons why vlogging has become so insanely popular.

From the viewer’s side, a big reason for the popularity of vlogging is the sheer demand for vlogs. Vlogs are created by people just like us; rather than big companies which are creating the traditional TV shows. So when we watch vlogs we feel just like home, rather than as an outsider “consuming” some other worldly piece of content. We totally resonate both with the videos vloggers produce and the vloggers themselves.

Vloggers also help us in discovering the world and learning about new cultures and traditions right from the comfort of our home. Although you may not be explicitly watching a specifically culture-focused video, you will nonetheless learn about the location you are watching the vlog take place in. This is happening all the time while watching vlogs, because there are vloggers from all over the world. For example if we are watching a Spanish guy’s cooking vlogs or an Indian girl’s yoga vlogs we are definitely going to learn a thing or two about their rich culture apart from the recipe.

These are the things which makes vlogging different and insanely popular at the same time, and as long as it’s popular — it’s going nowhere in 2017.

Reason #2 – Low competition

There are still many niches that do not have “huge vloggers” dominating their niche. This is a really great thing for upcoming vloggers, as they can start their channel and grow quickly. Remember: low competition does not mean that there is low demand!

At this point in time niches like Gaming, cooking, beauty and makeup, etc. are filled with vloggers, with a select few dominating each of those spaces. However there are hundreds of other niches like sewing, knitting, gemology, etc. where there are not many vloggers but the demand is still huge.

This is a really good opportunity for any new and upcoming vloggers to quickly gain subscribers for their fresh-faced channel. If there are many dominating vloggers in your niche then it would be difficult for you to make your mark (at least quickly). But at this point of time there are hundreds of untapped niches. Expect to see many of these niches be claimed throughout 2017.

Reason #3 – Development in Technology

Earlier it was simply too difficult to start a vlogging channel as far as technology was concerned – at least for the “average” person. Everything was just too expensive and difficult to operate. It was near impossible to find affordable vlogging cameras, video editing software, lighting, etc. All of these products were too highly priced. So for ordinary people it was quite difficult to start their own vlogging channel.

Times have most certainly changed with regards to the technology. Over the last 5 years alone, vlogging equipment and software have evolved like crazy in the past few years. Now the cameras are really advanced and affordable at the same time. You can get some seriously awesome features like flip screens, super long battery lives, lightweight, pocketable, etc. All these features makes the whole video production process a much more affordable, and thus accessible area for a vlogger.

Thankfully along with the camera’s evolution, popular and powerful editing software has also evolved over the years to be more sophisticated and affordable. Now it’s super easy to trim, cut and edit your vlogs with transitions, voice overs, etc. in no time. You need not be a professional editor to edit your videos anymore.

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