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Xiaomi Branching Out to 10 More Countries

Good news for some major-countries and a few countries in Asia – Xiaomi, one of the more interesting phone-developers from last year has recently announced that they’ll be selling to 10 more countries this year, which frankly is really good considering how well their devices did. The Chinese manufacturer’s founder and CEO – Lei Jun – delivered this news at a press-conference in Beijing.

Xiaomi will begin sales in large-developing-markets such as India, Brazil, Russia and Mexico. The list of other countries they will be expanding to includes Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey. This bold expansion move is part of a larger international expansion plan. Xiaomi has a noble goal of increasing their sales five-fold to around 100 million handsets in 2015. Frankly, with how hard they’ve worked towards achieving that goal, I’d say they’ll succeed easily.

Being relatively new in the industry, with barely 4 years after joining the mobile-phone fray, Xiaomi has already enjoyed considerable success in China ( the company even sits ahead of Apple, having a 7% market share in their home-market ), Hong-Kong, Taiwan and even Singapore.

You’ll notice that Xiaomi had that very popular event in which they sold a record number of devices in a very short time -that’s because they are known for selling their neatly-priced devices directly to the customers online. Here’s hoping they’ll eventually decide to spread to even more countries, as the devices weren’t all that bad – especially for their price range ( take a look at the MI-3, for instance, and see for yourself ).

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