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Xiaomi Branching Out to 10 More Countries


Good news for some major-countries and a few countries in Asia – Xiaomi, one of the more interesting phone-developers from last year has recently announced that they’ll be selling to 10 more countries this year, which frankly is really good considering how well their devices did. The Chinese manufacturer’s founder and CEO – Lei Jun – delivered this news at ... Read More »

CyanogenMod Installer: Not on Google Play Anymore


To my shame, I was unaware a rooting app even existed. But then again, the CyanogenMod installed only was on the Google Play store for a few weeks and I haven’t rooted an Android device for close to a few months now. Also, I used to get my things from other sites, NEVER from the official ones because I seemed ... Read More »

Fujitsu Arrow A – Revolutionary Charge ?


Apparently, there are many good phones out there from marks we haven’t even heard of, well aside from Asia. One such awesome phone that was recently announced in that area is the Fujitsu Arrow A ( not much to look it if you analyze the complexity of the name, but a real beast of a phone with a really interesting ... Read More »

Several Powerful Smart Phones on the Market

Are you looking for the best smart phones that can support your daily activities? There are a lot of smartphones that are available on the market. You can choose the best phones that can meet your needs, budgets, and preferences. In this article, there are several great phones that you can use to support your daily life. They are chosen ... Read More »