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CyanogenMod Installer: Not on Google Play Anymore

To my shame, I was unaware a rooting app even existed. But then again, the CyanogenMod installed only was on the Google Play store for a few weeks and I haven’t rooted an Android device for close to a few months now. Also, I used to get my things from other sites, NEVER from the official ones because I seemed to find what I was looking for on the official websites.

This sort of brings it to my point. It surprises me to find out that there WAS a CyanogenMod installed, that it was removed from Google Play, that surprises me not. You see, Google Play has contacted them multiple times about this subject because this app was sort of breaking their imposed laws. They had a problem that, with their app, they were encouraging people to void the warranty of their devices. However, this is a fact which must be discussed further, and thus I shall tell you MY opinion about this.

I am of the opinion that this “warranty” is highly restrictive. First of all, it only applies to the device in case it’s broken from the start, otherwise, if YOU break it, you will be the one to pay for it, therefore the warranty is more or less ineffective. If the phone is working from the start, then the warranty will no longer apply and you can root it as much as you want. Sure, it will “void the warranty”, but there are literally MILLIONS of websites that can teach you how to make the phone default again, and nobody will know the difference. Therefore, I highly disagree with Google’s decision of removing this app.

In the short weeks that it was present in the Play Store, it recorded a few hundreds of thousands of installs. Even with Google removing it from the Play Store, the CianogenMod Installer can still be manually downloaded from their own website.

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