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Xiaomi: 220.000 Sales in 3 Minutes

Some time ago ( not that long, if you were keeping track ), Xiaomi, a Chinese manufacturer, managed to sell its smartphone – the HongMi one – in a record number: 100.000 units in approximately 2 minutes. Now, it seems, the Chinese manufacturer has done it again, and this time the company managed to sell its flagship phone, the Xiaomi MI3 at a similar quick pace.

Xiaomi has sold a pretty impressive number of units ( 110.000 units, actually ) of the Hong-Mi annd MI-2s in just a few minutes in sale done to celebrate “Single’s Day”, which, according to Hugo Barra, is like the opposite of Valentine’s Day ( also, if you notice a lot of people having birthdays this week, it’s because Valentine’s Day was about 9 months ago – think upon that for a while ).

On that said special sale, Xiaomi had a number of 380.000 devices on sale, out of which circa 110.000 units of each of its 3 smartphones: the MI3, the Hongmi and the MI-2S. Apart from the phones, Xiaomi also had circa 50.000 units of set-top boxes for sale as well. According to their report, Xiaomi managed to sell all of the MI3 stock in around 3 minutes. The Chinese manufacturer was able to generate around 17 million dollars through that sale alone. By the end of the day, the company had managed to pile up a sum of around 49 million dollars.

Those impressive numbers confirm the rumor that Xiaomi has a huge potential, so we can only hope that they eventually switch to more conventional sales practices sooner rather than later and more people get access to their products.

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