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Swype, the fastest way to type

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How fast can you type on your computer keyboard ? Well, if you have some training you can type very fast. If you use the Internet constantly you will find out that you can type much faster than you write on paper, or at least same as fast as you talk.

Pretty impressive, you can say that the keyboard is perfect. What about when you have to type on a mobile phone ? If the phone have 3 letters on every button then it is a high chance that you will refuse to write. If you have a decent on-screen keyboard you will be satisfied that you can have such a mobility with some speed costs.

What if i will tell you that you will write faster on your touchscreen keyboard than your normal laptop keyboard ? You will not believe me, but you should because it is real. If you haven’t heard yet about swype you should check it now. There are some smartphones that use it, but starting today you can type faster on any Android Phone. Swipe is available for android phones, it is in a beta phase but it should work very normal. To be among the first who type faster you can register for a beta account here.

What is swype all about  ? Writing on a regular touch keyboard you lose a lot of time pulling the finger up again and again. On swype you have to press only once for every word. It is simple, you press on the first letter of the word and then go with your finger over all letters contained and pull it when you are on the last letter.

Do you know why some people type faster than others ? Because some people pull their fingers higher than others, and they lose more time. The swipe technology will be first adopted by mobile users, then tablets which are becoming more and more popular. In the end people will realise that you can type faster without a physical keyboard so people will want to move.

Until we will have swype on every device we can enjoy it on our Androids, i’ve started to enjoy typing on my mobile phone.

Now i will let you enjoy a nice video on swype.

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  1. Press only once and go over the letters for the word, is this similar to T9, I mean you can only type programmed words or does it also let you type new words like names

  2. T9 is for keypads where you have 3 letters for every button and you have to press only once for each letter instead of pressing 2-3 times to get to the letter you want. Swype is for full touch keyboards where you already have one button for every letter. Like T9 it will make a prediction too, you go with the finger over a set of keywords and the algorithm try to match a word from the dictionary. If you type a word that it is not in the dictionary it will be added after first use.

  3. Definitely NOT the fastest way to type.  I typed along with my physical keyboard and spent time waiting on you.

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