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Get anonymous and protected with Jailbreak VPN

I know that you have nothing bad to hide, but there are still cases when you would like a certain website not to track you, or you don’t want to risk to get your password stolen by someone else when you are connecting to a public Wi-Fi. For such cases, you need to use a VPN to create an anonymous connection. Jailbreak VPN is a fast and reliable VPN for Android.

There are many cases when you want to use a VPN connection:

  • You don’t want a website to track you
  • You want to access a website that is restricted in your country
  • You want to view the content that is served for people in another country
  • You don’t want your passwords to be stolen in public Wi-Fi.
  • You don’t want advertisers to track you by your IP address

When you use a secured VPN, a connection from your device to the VPN is securely created. To access a specific resource, a connection is made between the VPN server and the target website or service. In this case, the website can’t know where are you from, what computer do you use, because he will only see the information about the VPN. Even the network administrator monitoring network traffic can only see the connection to the VPN. He can’t see what websites you visit and what information you exchange. If the connection to the VPN is encrypted, no one can see which website you visited.

To start using, you have to install Jailbreak VPN from Play Store, select the country you want and connect.


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  1. I can change my ip to any of 100+ locations with arcvpn. I’m having good service with them so far.

  2. Is better than Tunnel Bear?

  3. Didn’t tested arcvpn or Tunner Bear so I can’t say it if is better or not, but it is worth a shot for sure.

  4. What are your thoughts about Zenmate??

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