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Skype Disappoints Once Again

About a year ago, Skype made an incredibly ridiculous deal with Verizon, which meant they had to provide their Android app only to Verizon’s Android phones and to no one else. So Skype accepted that in the middle of VOIP applications and videochat¬†explosion, to limit itself to only one carrier. What’s worse is that Skype is a global company, and ... Read More »

Angry Birds Rio Movie Coming on April 15th

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds has said that it plans to turn Angry Birds into a whole franchise, one as big as Super Mario. They have over 75 million downloads of Angry Birds to date, and they’ve already expanded in the physical world with toys and such. Their next big move is a to launch a movie, and this ... Read More »

Playstation Games Coming to Android

With this latest move, Sony seems to be back in the game. They’re going to launch the Playstation Suite store by the end of the year, which will work on all Android 2.3+ phones and also on their upcoming PSP2 phone. This looks like a great move for Sony, but it also gives Android a huge advantage over the other ... Read More »

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