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Gameloft Are Taking Their Games to Amazon Appstore

Gameloft have never really played nice with the Android Market. Since the Market didn’t offer them DRM for their games, they kept their games to their own websites, which ended up making many potential buyers angry because they are not available in the market, and having little success against piracy, since all their games are already pirated. Does Gameloft hope ... Read More »

Flash Player 10.2 Coming to Android on March 18th

One of Motorola Xoom’s most touted features was support for Flash, so it came as a little disappointing when they said that Flash won’t be available until at least few weeks after launch. It made the tablet seem rushed (among other things) and it also made Adobe look bad by moving so slow to provide an update for Honeycomb. Read More »

Google Will Be Adding VOIP to Google Voice

Google Voice is a great service used by millions of Americans that is mostly used for transferring calls, free text messages and voicemails. But I’ve always thought that adding VOIP to it would make perfect sense and make it live up to its own name of Google “Voice” by letting you talk through it without needing a carrier. So how ... Read More »

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