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Hipmunk Flight Search

This is an app that helps calculate the best travel route. One could say that this app takes the agony of travel search out of it. By using this app you’ll see all the relevant flights on a timeline, thus helping you to make the best possible choice. Unlike other travel apps, Hipmunk doesn’t sort them out by price, instead ... Read More »


This is a sharing app. The best possible example I have of such sharing applications would be the ever present websites such as MegaUpload, RapidShare and other similar websites. ¬†This app just takes that principle and makes it mobile. Box provides simple and secure sharing from almost anywhere. It lets you easily store files online or send bigger files quite ... Read More »

Night Vision Camera

If your phone doesn’t have an LED Flash don’t feel down. Stick it to your friends and show them you got something that makes their wimpy LED flashes look like little children. This app tends to maximize your cameras capabilities in the dark. Automatic adjustment of image parts is used to improve visibility in low light conditions. Features: Adjustable light ... Read More »

Recipe Search

This is like a mobile cook-book with other useful advice as well, from what I’ve seen. Aside from the recipes that you can find online via this app, it also offers an additional option that not many do : by saying what ingredients you already own, it automatically finds you all the recipes that can be made with the said ... Read More »


This app is a “tracking” app, on of many. It’s most popular,as I’m told, and well recognized by the Android society. It is often named : the best app one can have for one’s Android Device. I myself don’t find that much use to it, since it is an app that only broadcasts your location. If the interested party wanted ... Read More »

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