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This app is a “tracking” app, on of many. It’s most popular,as I’m told, and well recognized by the Android society. It is often named : the best app one can have for one’s Android Device. I myself don’t find that much use to it, since it is an app that only broadcasts your location. If the interested party wanted to know where you were, the said interested party would already know. But that’s just my belief. It’s right near the belief that says we are being tracked 24/7, but that’s a story for another time.

This app broadcasts your location for as long as you want via the email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter. Weird thing is, the producers said it has no relation whatsoever to any social networks, yet it is working in close hands with 2 of them already. To each his own I guess.

It works with any version of Android above 1.5 and is a neat little app to have if you’re into this kind of thing. As a note : it may or may not install itself on the memory card. That’s the only downfall of this nice app.

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