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REJOICE !!! New Android Market (video)

The Android Market has gotten an upgrade. The app that gets you more apps, the one we all know and love, is now BETTER. The Android Developers have been working hard day and night to bring YOU this extraordinary program. This new version of the Android Market runs smoother and better than its previous counterparts and grants you more options ... Read More »

Useful Widgets. A Brief Look into Today’s Market

Make your Clock PRO (Beta) Tired of your clock ? Want to fully cutomize the desktop of your beloved android phone ? Make your Clock PRO is a nifty little widget that can be bought from the Android Market and it allows you to fully customize the desktop of you Android Phone. From the Clock, to a thermometer, to a ... Read More »

Useful Apps. A Brief Look into Today’s Market

TubeMate Have you ever had a song you just couldn’t get out of your head and felt that your life wasn’t going to be complete unless you had that song on your Computer/MP3/Phone ? Sure, on the PC that problem is easily solved since there are so many free YouTube Downloading and video format converting programs out there. However, most ... Read More »

AutoCAD Is Coming to Android

I think in 2011 we’ll see more and more PC applications launch on mobile OS’s such as Android and iOS. Autodesk is one of the companies to do this, and it will launch a lite version of their popular AutoCAD software by the end of the month on Android. So how advanced is this app? The AutoCAD app for Android ... Read More »

Android Market In-App Billing is Finally Available

In-App payments have been requested by Android developers for a long time now, and it’s one of the big reasons why Android developers overall can’t make as much money as the iOS developers. But Google has finally enabled in-app billing and now developers have one more tool to monetize their apps, and some of the popular apps have already implemented ... Read More »

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