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Word Stack – Fun and Addictive Word Association

Today we’re going to be reviewing this addictive little Android game. Judging from the good feedback this game has received, I’d say that it is indeed as its title suggests. Most people only said that it provides quite a good use of your grammar skills.

Now I can’t really say whether or not it may be as challenging as most people say, but if you truly want to see how good you are and how good your comprehension of the English language is, I highly recommend this game. Plus, for less than a dollar, it’s a genuine good buy.


  • It has fun word association
  • You are to stack 9 words in the right order
  • You have access to 280 puzzle stacks
  • You are guaranteed to have hours of fun with this game, along with your family and friends.


This game allows you to challenge your brain and have some fun with the new word association stacking game. However, be warned, once you start playing you will find it hard to stop.

The stacked words can be synonyms, antonyms, compound words etc. Anything goes as long as they are related. Some examples of these are : Laugh and Giggle, Smile and Frown, Key and Board, King and Queen.

A warning however, as stacks get harder, a word can be matched to multiple different words.You will have to get the right combination to complete the stack correctly.

This game comes with 7 stack packs, or a total of 280 playable stacks.

You can get this nice game from Amazon.

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