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World of Goo

This is a really awesome game¬†that was originally made for the PC and then ported onto other platforms, now being also available on Android. What you do in this game basically is try to get from a point to another, but the means through which you do it is unique. Of course, it was so unique that it spawned thousands ... Read More »

Real Steel HD

Today we’ll be reviewing this awesome little game made after a movie. This game is sort of like Mortal Kombat but minus the blood shed and the fatalities. In this game you play with the robots from the Real Steel movie. Have you ever seen Real Steel? Me neither but I’ve heard it’s a fairly interesting movie. And it’s not ... Read More »

Word Stack – Fun and Addictive Word Association

Today we’re going to be reviewing this addictive little Android game. Judging from the good feedback this game has received, I’d say that it is indeed as its title suggests. Most people only said that it provides quite a good use of your grammar skills. Now I can’t really say whether or not it may be as challenging as most ... Read More »

The Secret of Grisly Manor

Today we’ll be reviewing a very interesting Android game. This is a classic game in which you have to keep your eyes open for clues and pick up whatever isn’t nailed down to the floor in order to complete any puzzles you may encounter in the future. Judging from the reception this game had, it’s a pretty good game. Sure, ... Read More »

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