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Why Google loves iPhone

Android is very popular these days, leading the US market, but there is someone that does not agree and thinks that iPhone is the leader of the smartphone marketplace and if it is to talk about web access trough mobile, iPhone is a standard. Who is that ? Google.

If you check the Google advertising platform ( Adwords ) interface, which is used to provide advertising to google search, you can select if you want to display your ads on desktop devices or mobile. The way it is written made me to feel a little angry.

I will let you to decide how wrong it is.

It seems that iPhone is the leader, the most important, and Android belongs to the “others” along with symbian and windows mobile.

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He is a web and mobile developer, owner of Androidized.com. A technology enthusiast who want to share his knowledge to the world.

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  1. fyi, this is why your site will never take off, and no one comments. Because it’s not news, it’s fanboy-ism

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