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Why your smartphone is the one thing in life you can rely on

Remember that classic “this is the man” Volkswagen advert?

It was the one set outside a casino that started something like “This is the man who put a million on black and it came up red. This is the man who married a sex kitten just as she turned into a cat.”

If you are still feeling lost then head over to Youtube and check out the advert yourself; it is quite possibly the best advert ever produced.

But before you close this tab in despair, don’t worry, this is not an article about great television ads. Instead, this article explains how the story of one of the greatest ever adverts echoes the importance of mobile phones in today’s society.

The advert concludes with the line “Everyone must have something in life he can rely on” and that is where smartphones come in.

What life throws at us or however many times our hearts are broken or our luck runs out we all have our smartphone to rely on; and if you are an online casino player then you probably reach for your smartphone more than most.

Given the vital role that smartphones play in our 21st century Western lifestyles, making sure you choose the right one is just as vital as choosing the right soulmate.

There aren’t many things worse than being tied into a loveless marriage but being tied into a 48-month fixed-term marriage with a smartphone you have grown to hate, it soul destroying.

We are a society of tech lovers and the hype surrounding the Nokia 3310 relaunch demonstrated just excited we get about upcoming tech; even if we have been there, done that and see it all before.

Smartphone have come a long way since the 3310’s glory days and we are now selective about screen size, battery life and RAM. Gone are the days when Snake was the best way to be entertained on your mobile you can now access thousands of games all this is music to the ears of online casino players.

Players not only want to be able to try their luck at slot, table and casino games anytime, anyplace, anywhere but they also want to do it on a device that sends out a fashion statement.

A recent test named the Galaxy S7 as the best phone for online casino players, sorry Apple, and you can read the full guide at Casinopedia.org.

When the chips are down we all need something to rely on, something that reminds there is light at the end of the darkest tunnels and something we can own with pride; as this is generation rent and homeownership is a distant fantasy for most.

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