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Protect your Smartphone with free AVG Antivirus for Android

If you owned a computer in for more than 10 years you probably know that AVG was one of the first full featured free Anti-virus for Windows. Although expensive antivirus software provided more features, AVG was always in top 10 despite the fact it was free. In the past few years most antivirus companies offer a free version, but it is only a light version compared to AVG. If you are looking for a free Android antivirus app, AVG is one of the best options.

Main AVG features:

  • Apps and files scanning with real time protection
  • Anti-theft protection
  • Battery monitor and optimization
  • File encryption
  • Web protection

AVG antivirus comes with full featured protection and phone optimization, all for free. The Android usage skyrocketed in the past years, peaking last month when it became the most popular operating system in the world across all devices. With suck popularity, it becomes the main target for virus creators and scammers. Our smartphone has everything on it: personal photos, sensitive and private information, credit card details and other stuff that needs real protection.

As a normal Android user, the biggest threat to smartphones are malicious or bad-coded apps. Android has a permission policy in place for apps, but if you grant specific permission to an app it might be used in other ways too. I am confident that apps in play store are scanned automatically for malicious code but some bugs can still reamain. Also, when vulnerabilities are found, developers are asked to fix and update the app with problem,, but until then the app has a vulnerability. To stay safe, install only apps that you trust ans are very popular and actively updated. If you want to use apps from other sources than Google Play store, then having an antivirus is a must.

Another important threat is represented by files you open and website you visit. Opening a malicious file, downloaded usually from an email received can do bad things to your android phone. It can install a malicious app to show ads or retrieve information from your phone. Scam websites might trick you into entering private or sensitive data into forms. This is also called phishing. The good news is that avg antivirus for android protects you from all these threats, for free.

To sum it up, with AVG free mobile antivirus you are protected against: theft, malicious apps, malicious files, pishing websites, and many other threats.




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