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LG’s Slimmest LCD HD Panel?

For a while now people have been obsessing over the size of phones and smartphones all around. For that, in my opinion, the smartphone industry is starting to look more and more like the fashion industry: increasingly anorexic. Personally, I honestly can’t grasp the concept of slimming phones down until you can barely feel it, but apparently manufacturers are getting ... Read More »

Motorola Family Photo Leaks

There are certain “leakers”, let us call them, around the internet. These are the kinds of people that make corporate secrets a thing of the past. We shouldn’t really complain as this thing gives us regular folks a thing  to talk about and a sort of sneak peak of things. But, of course, since you know what a leak is, ... Read More »

A Review of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Following on from the highly successful Sony Xperia smartphone, the popular household electronics manufacturer has now brought out a tablet which looks set to become its highest rated so far. With specs which far outstrip the company’s previous tablet computer offerings, the Xperia Z is quite rightly causing many gadget fans to take a long hard look at it. With ... Read More »

Google Currents

One of the Google applications that I feel could have received more attention is this one: Google Currents. Some may have heard of it, but others may not have been so lucky. The thing is that it is a real shame not more people know of this app. Especially since it is a Google powered application – meaning it would ... Read More »

Google Keep

Yet another app that I feel hasn’t received enough attention as it should have and not many people know about is Google Keep. While this may be an app developed by Google itself, it isn’t one that can be found pre-installed on Android devices. It is really a shame that Google Keep isn’t more widespread as it is one of ... Read More »

Three Google Apps You Don’t Know About

There are all sorts of apps out there in wild, wild internet. Some get more attention than others and that is simply because they dish out more cash to the right people and buy locations in the top spots. However, there are those less known about apps around and some of them are really quite useful. Through this post I ... Read More »


There are a couple of apps here and there that I feel aren’t getting enough attention. The bad part about them not getting the attention they deserve is that some of them are really useful. One such app is this one – Androidify. It may not be so useful, per say, but it’s quite enjoyable, free, and will run on ... Read More »


Some of the younger users of Android will not know this title. Some of the older users of Android that have played PC games will surely know this title. Carmageddon is one of those games that comes with a distinct aura around it. On one side, it will attract hatred, while on the other, it will attract love. This is ... Read More »

Moto X – Going Patriotic

Yesterday Motorola finally decided to add an ad for the Moto X. While  this may sound somewhat weird, the ad was somewhat weirder. Without considering all of the ramifications implied by said ad, there are a few important questions raised. Now I’m personally all for the Moto X phone, the first of many great things to come since Google has ... Read More »

Galaxy S4: Already 20 Million Sold?

Whenever a new product of any kind comes out, especially if said product gets quite a bit of public attention, rumors start circulating around different media environments. And considering all the hype that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has received, it was to be accepted that a certain amount of rumors would arise. Many have turned out to be true, but ... Read More »