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Galaxy S4: Already 20 Million Sold?

Whenever a new product of any kind comes out, especially if said product gets quite a bit of public attention, rumors start circulating around different media environments. And considering all the hype that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has received, it was to be accepted that a certain amount of rumors would arise. Many have turned out to be true, but ... Read More »

Nokia’s Only Chance to Continue is Android?

While this website may be oriented towards Android, I do believe it is high time we take a brief look at what the competition is doing, especially when it is related to the topics at hand. Now it’s no big secret to anyone, or at least it shouldn’t be, that Nokia isn’t what they used to be. While at the ... Read More »

AT&T Expand: More Markets to Receive LTE

While I may not be an american citizen, and thus not be a user of AT&T, I have heard of them on numerous occasion. Also, while I may not be an adept of the LTE networks personally, I do appreciate their practicality and speed, although it all depends on the coverage of said network, thus may seem quite restrictive at ... Read More »

Block Block Block

This is a fairly interesting puzzle game that is bound to work your brains at least a little bit. Its basis is simple, but the key to this games lies in how they put into action their well-thought plan. This game is one of the more enjoyable little puzzlers which I highly recommend. I believe it will run on even ... Read More »

Despicable Me – Minion Rush

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly await the release of Despicable Me 2 – the movie. I found the first Despicable Me movie to be something quite amazing. I especially loved the idea of a Mastermind Villain ( like the old James Bond villains ) with an army of evil minions to do his bidding. However, the ... Read More »

New Google Versions of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4

As it was originally expected, the new versions of the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 have gone on sale. Personally, I do enjoy the Google devices to some degree, except they do have one major drawback to their names. Sure, many people won’t even notice this drawback, but if you plan on rooting you Android device, it surfaces ... Read More »

Galaxy S III – Android 4.2 Leaks

If you don’t own a Galaxy S3, chances are you aren’t aware of this, but the phone doesn’t necessarily have the latest version of the Android OS. However, now a new stable version of Android OS v4.2.2 has leaked for the Galaxy S3 and, if you have the know-how, you can get it and install it yourself. I personally am ... Read More »

Samsung Considering New Material

It’s been a while since the HTC One came out and many people still consider its design ( visually speaking ) to have been one of the best things since the invention of fire – I am speaking here about the aluminum unibody thing. It received so much praise from places with heavy weighing names that the average user actually ... Read More »

LG & Qualcomm for New G-Series

I mentioned at some point in time that I am a big fan of a hardware developer, more accurately Qualcomm, for their persistence in always coming through with the best ( or among the best ) of hardware for the devices with which they collaborate. Also, a favorite of mine is LG. I have used LG products long before they ... Read More »

Snapdragon 200 Series – 6 New Chipsets join the Fray

I have not been in the Android-related writing market for as long as I would have liked, yet along the ages I did come to respect certain manufacturers more than others. One of those manufacturers I have come to have great admiration for is Qualcomm. They are the kind of people that I like: the kind that are always trying ... Read More »