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Galaxy S III – Android 4.2 Leaks

If you don’t own a Galaxy S3, chances are you aren’t aware of this, but the phone doesn’t necessarily have the latest version of the Android OS. However, now a new stable version of Android OS v4.2.2 has leaked for the Galaxy S3 and, if you have the know-how, you can get it and install it yourself. I personally am ... Read More »

Samsung Considering New Material

It’s been a while since the HTC One came out and many people still consider its design ( visually speaking ) to have been one of the best things since the invention of fire – I am speaking here about the aluminum unibody thing. It received so much praise from places with heavy weighing names that the average user actually ... Read More »

LG & Qualcomm for New G-Series

I mentioned at some point in time that I am a big fan of a hardware developer, more accurately Qualcomm, for their persistence in always coming through with the best ( or among the best ) of hardware for the devices with which they collaborate. Also, a favorite of mine is LG. I have used LG products long before they ... Read More »

Snapdragon 200 Series – 6 New Chipsets join the Fray

I have not been in the Android-related writing market for as long as I would have liked, yet along the ages I did come to respect certain manufacturers more than others. One of those manufacturers I have come to have great admiration for is Qualcomm. They are the kind of people that I like: the kind that are always trying ... Read More »

Faster Galaxy S4, Not the Expected Reaction from Korea

Whenever a new phone comes out, I like to wait for a bit before actually buying it. It’s not about the phone per say, it’s just that I am kind of slow to embrace new ideas. Also, somewhere deep inside my mind rests a little creature that whispers “Wait, they can do better”. Therefore, same as with a new Operating ... Read More »

Enemy Lines

It has been some time since I’ve seen an enjoyable strategy game for Android devices. Now, it all sort of depends on the view of each individual of what strategy means. There may be others out there in other genres as well, genres such as TBS ( Turn-Based Strategy ). However, the only real strategy genre that I find enjoyable ... Read More »

7 reasons why you should register for Apps World Europe now!

There are many reasons why you should register for Apps World Europe now but the fact that the show, which will be held in London’s Earls Court 2, from 22-23 October, promises to be bigger and better than ever is perhaps the biggest reason. The Apps World Europe show, which this year celebrates its fourth birthday, has doubled in size ... Read More »

Order & Chaos Duels

Remember those good old days when you were a kid and used to play with all your friends with trading cards of all shapes and sizes? Personally, I’ll never forget those Yu-Gi-Oh days and will always hold those memories quite dear. I used to love playing with those cards all day long. This Android Game will help you relive those ... Read More »

The Amazing Spider-Man

Same as with the Dark Knight Rises game, don’t get your hopes up for this one unless you have a really strong phone / tablet. Heck, there’s a minor issue with this game to take into consideration, and since you’re probably going to pay a lot of money to get it, I deem it important for you to know ahead ... Read More »

Galaxy S4 Screen – DisplayMate Review

Much has been said about the Samsung Galaxy S4. Many things might have been said out of too much excitement or other factors could have been involved. However, few professional reviews actually put the emphasis on what really matters. DisplayMate, one of the heavier names in the screen review business, actually put out their opinion of the screen. While this ... Read More »