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IDC Report: Over 1 Billion Shipped in 2013

We were all expecting the smartphone sales to be larger than 2012, but according to a forecast from the International Data Corporation ( or IDC for short ), more than 1 billion of smartphones will have been shipped by the end of 2013. Looking closely at this number, you come to realize it represents a growth of close to 40% ... Read More »

The Gionee Elife E7 Makes Some Claims: True or False?

There is a Chinese manufacturer known as Gionee. This particular manufacturer made a rather bold claim when announcing their latest flagship smartphone – the Elife E7. This particular claim was that this device is the best Android CameraPhone available on the market. This phone will be running on an operating system known as AMIGO 2.0 – or as it most ... Read More »

HTC One in Gold ( with a twist )

I told you guys a while back about the HTC One and how they were talking about releasing a gold-plated version ( which they did, but not HTC officially ), hinting that they will soon release a golden-colored one without actually increasing the price. Well, it would so happen that now it is available. While this version of the HTC One ... Read More »

The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Has Been Announced

A few days ago, Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Ground 2, a pretty awesome device from, what I can gather, a pretty mid-to-low budget price. You see, this device keeps the self-created tradition to which Samsung seems to be holding as of recent. It’s also sharing in the design which seems to be very popular with Samsung phones ever ... Read More »

Motorola Ara – Building Process Started

The world’s first modular phone, the Motorola Ara, has finally gained enough support to commence production. If you’ve missed our previous post about the Motorola Ara just click HERE to go to the go to it and catch up a bit about what a Modular Phone is. Otherwise, simply keep reading and you shall see. Just this morning I had ... Read More »

Winamp: Discontinued as of 20.12.2013

Here’s a little piece of news I found disheartening. As you can already tell by looking at the title, Winamp, a great program I have been using since I first started using the computer, will no longer be as of December 20, this year. Let us take a moment and remember all the things that made this program great. Firstly, ... Read More »

Need a Phone Case? – Why Not Opt for the Best

Do you not simply hate it that so many phones nowadays come with insufficient protection? Personally, I find this quite disheartening, especially since some of the larger ones are just more predisposed to horrible accidents happening to them. It’s simply physics at work here, and if you really don’t believe me, I’ll go ahead and give you a rather interesting ... Read More »

Micromax Canvas Turbo

Today we’ll be taking a brief look at the Micromax Canvas Turbo. This phone is a jewel blessing the earth with its sheer existence. Why it is that I say something like that, you may ask: it’s simple – this is one of those rare devices that actually offer you a bit more than what you pay for. Stopping to consider ... Read More »

Acer Liquid S2

Today we’ll be taking a brief look at the Acer Liquid S2. This phone isn’t officially out just yet, but I assume it will be by the end of this month. Also, this phone will most likely NOT be a cheap one when it comes out, considering there are quite a few features that seem to be relatively new to the ... Read More »