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2014: Promising Year for Ubuntu Touch

If I said once, I’ll say it again: things are about to get heated up on the OS battlefield by 2014 – there’ll be a new player on the block by then. Ubuntu Touch will transfer in that before mentioned year from an after-market OS to an out-of-the-box OS. Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth has recently announced that they’ve gotten a hardware ... Read More »

Oppo N1: Going Global

There was this phone I’ve seen for a while now and have always meant to post a few pieces of info about it, but I was always turned down by the fact that it was severely limited to only a small number of countries. I found it a shame, really, as the device was truly wonderful and had a ton ... Read More »

MediaTek: Octa-Core in January

MediaTek, a pretty famous hardware manufacturer has recently announced their first true Octa-Core processor, a processor which will be part of their very popular MT6592 chipset. The successor of this SoC, which is allegedly in the works, will reportedly be known as the MT6595. This next chipset is rumored to hit the market in January of next year. Basically, this ... Read More »

ZTE Z5S and Z5S Mini: 2.5 Mil Pre-Orders

ZTE is a pretty big manufacturer, but certainly not on the same page as Samsung or HTC or the likes. However, when they do strike it big, they set themselves up like bandits. ZTE has, in fact, recently announced its latest flagship smartphone – the Nubia Z5S ( as you’ve probably already guessed from the title ). Along with this, ... Read More »

Galaxy Note 3 Hits the 10 Mil Mark

The selling numbers for the Samsung Galaxy Notes have always been impressive, but the Note 3 sales are damn-right unbelievable. This phone has sold a really impressive number of units: 5 million in the first month of availability, and now that another month has passed, another 5 million units have been shipped. I don’t think anyone on this Earth can ... Read More »

Android OS v4.4.2 – Rolling Out

I doubt it’s been a full fortnight since the last update rolled out – 4.4.1. That update was, and I’m sad to say, quite larger than this one. I honestly don’t much see the point in this update and why it had to change the version number. You see, in layman’s terms, it’s more of a hotfix than a full-fledged ... Read More »

Viber Goes All Out Against Skype

I’ve seen something recently that bugged me out quite a bit. And I’m probably not in the position to get mad at this, but it’s done in one of the many types of advertising that I positively HATE – the comparison type. I’m really displeased at the ad that a company known as Viber posted, an ad through which they ... Read More »

iDiots: A Funny Satire that Makes you Think

I like animations and stop motion clips as much as the next person, but rarely do I get to see one that makes me laugh as much as the one I’m about to show you did. While there are some minor exaggerations here and there, but you have to admit it hits quite close to home. I’ll just leave the ... Read More »

Galaxy Note 3: 10.000 mAh for 60 Dollars

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – a great device that takes up a great amount of space. While this phone had some really nice features in it, there were those that claimed its battery was insufficient. Granted, its 3200 mAh battery wasn’t the biggest battery out there, it did the job and offered a hefty lifespan too ( come to ... Read More »

Largest Tech Giants Say NO to Surveillance

I feel like this is actually becoming a contemporary problem. A few years back we had to deal with that SOPA and ACTA and whatever they were called problems. I personally blame the paranoia of the government: they were unable to censor or restrict access to information, so they decided to simply monitor them all instead. That’s not fine, no ... Read More »

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