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Galaxy Note 3 Hits the 10 Mil Mark

The selling numbers for the Samsung Galaxy Notes have always been impressive, but the Note 3 sales are damn-right unbelievable. This phone has sold a really impressive number of units: 5 million in the first month of availability, and now that another month has passed, another 5 million units have been shipped. I don’t think anyone on this Earth can contest the fact that this is an impressive number of sales, no matter how you look at things.

Take note that 10 million units shipped isn’t the equivalent of 10 million units sold, but it’s pretty darn close. People seem to be taking more and more to this type of phone and it seems to be catching on quite better than expected. Who would have foreseen such results a few years back when the first Galaxy Note came out ( which let me remind you, took 7 month to reaach 10 million shipped units ). The Note 2 gave some indications that the market accepted it, with its 4 months time in which it reached 10 million shipped units. In other words, the Galaxy Notes are a quickly expanding series which is gaining popularity real quick. It’s nowhere near the Galaxy S4, though, which amassed the same number of shipped units in less than a month, but at the very least it’s progress.

According to the customers, the Galaxy Note 3 ( which was released in 58 countries simultaneously on the 25th of September ), there were different aspects of the device that attracted customers in each particular area: its convenience of text input via the S Pen in Asia and its large-screen multitasking and really fast LTE in the West.

Also, here’s a fun fact to keep in mind: the Exynos-powered version of the Note 3 doesn’t have LTE ( only the N9005 one with Snapdragon has LTE as well ). Therefore, a question is raised out of the blue: how many of each version were shipped – was the N9000 ( the Exynos 5 one ) more successful than the N9005, or the other way around?

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