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MediaTek: Octa-Core in January

MediaTek, a pretty famous hardware manufacturer has recently announced their first true Octa-Core processor, a processor which will be part of their very popular MT6592 chipset. The successor of this SoC, which is allegedly in the works, will reportedly be known as the MT6595. This next chipset is rumored to hit the market in January of next year.

Basically, this next chipset that MediaTek will release is an updated version of the MT6592, a version that has LTE on top of the other one and the alleged true Octa-Core processor. Also, if rumors are to be taken as true, the company is also looking to invest some serious capital into acquiring a larger market share for 2014.

Up until now, MediaTek has had a reputation of producing chipsets ideal for mid-range and budget-friendly smartphones. However, with all things taken into consideration, this might be their first real foot-in-the-door in their attempt to enter high-end smartphones. Heck, if things go well for them, they may even end up providing a bit of competition to Qualcomm themselves ( although, the company would have to step up its game by quite a bit i order to reach that standard ).

Only time will show whether or not these rumors can truly be trusted, but things are looking up for 2014 already. Here’s hoping they succeed, as it’s always good to have some competition ( see, it’s all psychological – once you reach the top and you have nobody to compete with, you tend to stagnate, rather than push forward ).

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