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Money Supermarket Car Insurance Finder Android Application

Applications on Android are growing rapidly, but there is still enough space for better ones. There are a lot of them that are doing funny or tricky things, but the real power of Android applications is coming when Web or Desktop applications are moving to Android. The great advantages of  already existing applications that are coming to Android is that they already have all the knowledge required, a complete database and a great community behind.

If you are not aware of, MoneySupermarket helps you to find the best deals for most types of spending you may have for your house, family or car. They help you to find the best deals for credit cards, loans, car insurance, house insurance, energy, mobile phones and even for travelling. It is so great because it saves you a lot of time asking for offers from every service provider, analyze them and make a choice. On Money Supermarket you can quickly search trough all offers and quickly analyze which is the best deal. Think about how much money you can save by finding the best offer for your car insurance ?

MoneySupermarket released a great Android Application called Car Insurance. As the name says, the application will help you to find the best car insurance that searching trough a huge range of car insurance companies. The same application is built for both iPhone and Android and uses the data they have on the car insurance finder on the main website. Please notice that you won’t get raw quotes. The application is fully functional and will bring you up those deals that are the best for your car model, fabrication year, number of miles you drive a year and many other factors. As many information you enter the better car insurance options you can find.

So far you were used to spend money with your smartphone, buying music, games and other apps. But this is an Android application that will save you a lot of money, and what is more interesting is that it is free. More, you can close  a deal in few minutes directly from the application. How is that possible ? They already have your car details that you entered to make the search more accurate. Once you select your desired insurance you will be taken to the dealer website where you can complete some more personal information and close the deal right away.

If you want to buy a car and you are at a car dealer, you can instantly purchase insurance from your phone and when you take the car you already have an insurance for. How safer can you be ?

You can download the application from Android Market.

Here you can view some screenshots from the application:

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