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Binary Options Trading Platform for Android

For those who are not familiar with the stock/forex trading, the binary options is a trading option where you can win by correctly predicting if a certain stock or currency will raise or drop above or below a given value. For example, if you predict that at a precise moment, apple stocks will be over $500, then you can buy 10 options worth 100$ each. If you were right in the prediction, then you can earn a fixed amount of cash ( $1000 for example ), or lose everything. This is why it is called binary, because there are only 2 options: 0 or 1, all or nothing.

The market of binary options is not so well known, but it is worth a lot. Binary options are also called “all or nothing options” or “digital options”.

Today, I want to share with you a great Android based platform for binary options, made available by Anyoption, a world wide player in binary option market. You can play directly from your Android mobile phone if you have an Internet connection. It is unfair that you have to get to your computer so you can make money from the stocks. In the mobile era, you should be able to work from anywhere: waiting for the bus, stuck in traffic, at a business lunch, waiting to get to the doctor office, etc.

The key in trading business is to be always available. If you have a hard time getting to a computer, then you may miss most of the opportunities you can have.

You can get the binary options trading mobile app for your Android device or iPhone from Anyoption website . You can use your anyoption login to follow market trends, you can buy call options or put options on forex, indices, stocks and commodities, manage your account, while there are no commissions involved.


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