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Copy to Trade: Will Copyop Lead to Successful Binary Options Trading?

There are many Android apps for business-minded people including those that are meant to facilitate investing. There are even apps for relatively uncommon investing activities like binary options trading. One good example of these apps is copyop Copyop Dubbed as a social trading app and platform, Copyop is designed to make binary options trading easier, faster, and more accessible for ... Read More »

A selection of great Android apps you should know about!

Every now en then we all start deleting some of those apps we rarely use anyway. And that gives you the opportunity to check out even more new apps, followed by deleting a lot of those apps again. It’s almost a vicious circle. But some apps really stand out and become keepers. These are some lesser known apps that you ... Read More »

Read Just What You Need with Mailwise

Today, email is indispensable to our lives. We usually have more than one email accounts: one for work, one for personal use, one for the second job or side business. Personally, I do not have an exact count of how many email accounts I use, but I am certain that I have more than ten. Dealing with many email accounts, ... Read More »

Planetarium in Your Pocket with Star Chart Android App

No matter how old you are, going to planetarium is an entertaining experience. The stars are looking so great made by lights on the ceiling, but even in the very first night I am unable to see all the¬†constellations presented there. With Star Chart app you can just go outside during the night and see exactly where to look. Just ... Read More »

Netup Brings You Faster and More Reliable Internet

Shoelace Wireless, a start-up based in Southern California, just launched a Kickstarter campaign for an innovative app called Netup. Netup is the first Android app that combines Wi-Fi and cellular connections (3G/4G) to provide faster and more reliable Internet for your devices. It can also help to you to save on your data plan. Netup is compatible with Android devices ... Read More »

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