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How Droid World examines the future of the Android ecosystem

With Android systems tipping the balance at up to 81% in units sold dependent on who you read, it’s never been a more fruitful time to be working in Android. There’s an awful lot of excitement with Google I/O around the corner, yet with version 4.4.4 hitting the stands last week, it’s definitely something for users to get their teeth ... Read More »

How did the history of apps begin? With ‘the brick’!

Back in 1983 something extraordinary happened. Motorola revealed a piece of futuristic tech they’d be working on in their labs – it was a mobile phone. Weighing in at 2.5 lbs it wasn’t really all that mobile by today’s standards though. With the first mobile phone came the first app. It was a simple but effective contacts app that came ... Read More »

Using Your Android Phone to Make Money

You never leave home without your Android phone, and you use it all of the time to browse the Internet, send texts and call the people you care about the most. Android phones provide a great way to stay connected at an affordable price, but did you know that you can even use your phone to make money? Thousands of ... Read More »

Fraction Ninja Review

If you are thinking for a reason to buy a mobile phone for your kid, then I will give you one: Educations. It is true that Android phones are used mostly for office/email and then for games, but educational apps take the third spot. If you buy a mobile phone for your kid, he will mostly play on it, but ... Read More »

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