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A selection of great Android apps you should know about!

Every now en then we all start deleting some of those apps we rarely use anyway. And that gives you the opportunity to check out even more new apps, followed by deleting a lot of those apps again. It’s almost a vicious circle. But some apps really stand out and become keepers. These are some lesser known apps that you should know about.

Zombies, Run!

This app gives a whole new dimension to the genre of workout apps by adding a populair gaming element. Zombies, Run! is basically an audio storybook that tracks your overall running pace when you go out for a jog. You join a post-apocalyptic township where you have to survive by all means necessary. You will have to go ons various missions during which you have to gather intel and supplies. The app tracks how fast you’re running and during certain times, zombies chase you. When this happens you need to reach a certain running speed to be able to escape the horde of undead. This app also uses your playlists to interject music between story broadcasts. This makes it even more fun since you will get hyped up by your favorite tunes.


Llama is a an automation app for Android. It will allow you to create custom if/then events. All these events are based on your phone’s current state, such as your location (from cell tower, WiFi, or GPS), time of day, charging state and a whole lot of other options. For instance, Llama can detect when you’re near your office and automatically switch to a quiet notification/ring profile. You can also create differt alarms that only go off based on time and location. For example: you can program this app in such a way that it will give you an alarm notification when you’re at home running late for work. Llama is a very versatile app. A really usefull feature is that Llama can reliably deduce your location from cell towers, in addition to having ‘variables’ you can set to create more complex triggers or alarms.


Camscanner is a really usefull documentation app. It will take regular photos on your device and turn them into high quality PDF’s that almost look like computer made scans. It does so by auto-cropping in order to remove any background in the photo, keeping only the paper visible. Camscanner really impresses with its accuracy and ease of use. You can store all your scans on your device, in the cloud or share them in-app. Of course it’s also possible to send them via email. A useful tip for al the students out there who have to buy expensive college textbooks: use this app to take pictures of sections from a expensive college textbook in the library and create your own free PDF file without even paying a cent!

Ulmon CityMaps2Go

There are millions of travel-related apps available these days, but CityMaps2Go really takes the cake. Using the map function on your phone almost always requires you to have a working internet connection. This app is one of the only ones around that doesn’t need any signal to work. It makes use of your smartphone’s built-in GPS to figure out your location. The app has some awesome onboard functions, like information, reviews and even images of points of interest nearby. The only thing you need to do before you head out on one of your travels is to download the map/info for each city before you leave. This allows you to be completely offline and still find your way around! The app also has a search function which is also really handy if you have an adress but can’t directly find it on the map.


Do you read a lot on your phone in dark environments like your bedroom? As every bed reader knows reading on your phone in the dark will cause eyestrain after some time. Twilight is an app for android that adjusts your device’s brightness (actually, color temperature) according to sunrise and sunset. After installing, this app turns the screen darker and gives it a red-ish tint during the evenings, hereby making it easier to read without hurting your eyes. This app also makes it easier to fall asleep after since you will experience a lot less eyestrain. Although it might take some getting used to at first, it will significantly reduce the stress on your eyes. Twilight also doesn’t use any extra battery life either. The brightness adjusting function can also be controlled manually.

Casino Apps

The online casino market has shown persistent growth over the past few years. This has resulted in a large and diverse online casino gaming industry. The quality of online casino games is quite variable, but some companies predominate the market by offering the best gaming experience one can find online. One of these companies is Netent. If you are new to playing online casino games, then you would not find a more thrilling and exciting app-like gaming experience, than you would in a Netent casino. The best NetEnt casinos offers a wide array of games which you can play on your smartphone, tablet and of course on your home computer. These casino games have an app-like feel to them and offer great playability on all devices.

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