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What are Android Phones, an explanation for everyone to understand

An Android phone is all that its name implies: a phone that can be used to do almost anything to make your life easier. Commonly known as smartphones, they utilize Android technology along with features that set them apart from regular phones. This is also the reason why many people prefer to buy them rather than regular cell phones. Since they combine our social needs with our basic ones, Android phones are items that no one can do without especially in the global era.

Another thing that sets Android phones apart is their downloading feature. Have a craving for that particular song you just can’t stop humming? Go online using your Android phone, download it from iTunes and listen to it to your heart’s content. Want to play the game your friends keep rapping on about? No problem. Either tell your friends to download it to your Android phone from their own smartphones or download it on your own via online means.

The phone is based on Linux technology that was the brainchild of Google employee, Andy Rubin in 2003. No amount of creativity and innovation was overlooked when it came to the number of upgrades it can sustain. The newest version, the 2.3 Gingerbread for instance utilizes a user interface that is more fine tuned to user needs, a soft key feature and it can handle indigenous code along with Near Field Communication. The 3.0 Honeycomb version was made specifically for users who required larger screens and features that facilitated the user interface.

For those of you who don’t know, an Android phone is modelled around specific needs of the consumer such as the layout, storage capacity, messaging capability, language facilities and last (but definitely not least) the web browser. Besides this, each user can also have the time of their life using the java and media support, Bluetooth, video calls, screen capture etc. Plus, the prices fluctuate according to the features present in each phone along with the ones present in the handset.

You can also customize your Android by selecting colourful wallpapers called ‘live’ wallpaper. It’s a great way to set your phone apart from other smartphones, but be careful while using it. It’ll drain the battery faster if it’s kept on for long. You can also set some neat widgets on your phone’s home screen. These can only be set on an Android phone by the way.

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