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Vonage Extensions App Review

Voice over Internet Protocol provider Vonage has launched a handy new app to allow customers to extend the benefits of their Vonage call plan to their mobiles. It means that users with a Vonage call plan can now take advantage of the cost benefits of VoIP calls on the go, while out and about or travelling with their smartphones.

How it works

Vonage Extensions is a free mobile app launched exclusively for Vonage customers. Users can download the app onto two separate smartphones, allowing more than one person to access their existing Vonage call plan via mobile. It gives you access to your Vonage call plan on your smartphone. It’s incredibly easy to use, with users being able to make calls straight away after downloading and installing the app.

Vonage calls are made via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which means that calls take place via broadband, not via standard phone connections. This allows you to avoid those substantial data roaming charges, and it means that a poor mobile signal isn’t a problem with Vonage either. For this reason, mobile phone users who suffer poor signal strength at home have found that a switch to a VoIP service like Vonage is a great solution.

Cost benefits

A variety of Vonage call plans is available from just £5 per month, each offering unlimited calls, so users don’t need to worry about watching the clock. Because more than one smartphone can access the call plan via the Extensions app, it also means lower household calling costs for families.

International call benefits

Because Vonage calls are made over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks, users can also make unlimited international calls on their smartphones, without the usual limitations of calling cards or mobile top ups. You can also access your plan while you travel, using the Extensions app and that means avoiding expensive roaming charges too.

For existing users of Vonage call plans, this free app is a must. Easy to install, instant access to your call plan via smartphone and access to low-cost international calls to boot.


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