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Twitter for Android

Ah Twitter. The perfect app for the stalkers that want to follow the activity of their favorite celebrities / future victims. How can you not like an app such as this one ? This app does exactly what the website itself does. More precisely, it helps hone your stalking skills. You know what they say, you can’t be a normal citizen without stalker skills.

Well leaving all that stalker bit aside, this is an app that helps you connect to an Anti-Social Network ( more commonly known as Social Network, but due to the amount of Anti-Social freaks of nature that populate these websites, I have taken the liberty of calling them Anti-Social Networks ). The Social Network it connects you to is Twitter. If you don’t know what Twitter is, don’t ask me. I haven’t created an account on that website and probably never will. However, what Twitter commonly does is help you “level up” you attention whore skills by letting the whole world know what sort of color, texture and size your stool was. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not entirely far from the truth.

With this app you can “follow your interests” via instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities and stuff. Pretty much a stalker program, but let’s keep going. This app permits the receival of short bursts of timely information and small updates about the stuff you’re interested it.

Apparently, according to the original description, this app has two simultaneous operations. The real-time revealing search engine which shows all of the breaking news and at the same time all trending topics show what has been happening around the world. You can view trends, browse your interests and see suggested users in several categories such as fashion, entertainment and travel. Also, you can search to find out what people are saying about such topics that you care about.

Features :

  • Browse interests
  • Find & follow friends
  • Tweet
  • Retweet
  • Favorite
  • Follow
  • Exchange Direct messages with your followers
  • Share photos and web pages
  • Real-time search
  • Trends

Well that about wraps up this app. Feel free to download it from the Android Market if you like this sort of social network thing. Nothing for me to do here.

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